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Welcome to the McNicholas Art Gallery, we designed this web site to provide us with a place to share our creative impulses and fantasies with others. We have created a place where people can see some of the Posters, Paintings and Advertisements we have produced. Laura McNicholas is our Programmer and Web Mistress. We would like to sell prints, copies and originals works, if you are interested just contact us by e-mail.

We believe Art, including Music, is an important part of a Spiritual life and that people are most Happy when there is some Cosmic element to stimulate our imaginations. We advocate only Good Will.. Generosity.. and Love..

We will have some guest appearances with offerings of Art, Poetry and any other Uplifting and Inspirational form we may encounter. So let us know if you have something you would like to submit. Please Enjoy and tell Your Friends about our site..


About My Art

All of the images used on this web gallery are provided by the camera and hand of Dan McNicholas. I have been a guitarist and singer all of my life (almost 50 years) and have always dabbled in visual Art. Since about 1990 I have been working in colored pencil on paper, acrylic on canvas and enamel on glass or canvas.

The images on this website are labeled where appropriate, but most were made by Dan; even the backgrounds. Laura, my wife of over 20 years is Webmistress. Some of the images are digital photo- montages and others are photographs of paintings. All can be purchased as prints of varying sizes and paper/canvas types. Prices range from $65.00. It is best to email me so we can work to get you the best print size and style for the best price.

Gallery Subjects

SPACE ART, PAINTINGS and WEIRD STUFF are a mixture of images and have almost no real rules for containment. We have grouped the pictures more by whim than science.

COMMERCIAL ART shows some examples of work I have done and some conceptual options.

POETRY PAGE currently has several poems by Dennis McNicholas; submissions for the poetry page are welcome. Send them via email.

TRANQUILICITY is an audio CD that takes you on a Guided Tour to "The Pool of Tranquility". Tranquilicity is an Experience in Refreshment and Renewel for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit. First we offer the Uplifting Song of Renewel "Saplings". Then You are Entertained and Relaxed by the Mellow sounds of an acoustic 12 string guitar and a narrative guide to Bliss and Calm.
CD copies of TRANQUILICITY can be purchased for $13.99 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. Please go to

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REMEMBER- To purchase Prints and Original Works, or to find out more about Tranquilicity- just click on the email Icon.


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