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Nobody Knows

About Blaise

Blaise Tshibwabwa aka Glow

"Glow" is a poet currently established in Toronto (GTA) Ontario. Poetry begins in Delight and Ends in Wisdom (Robert Frost), a quote that glow constantly repeats when asked how his works have evolved since 1998 until today. Courteousy of Smooth Vibe & Co., Smooth Vibe is a group of three individuals known as Ben Musampa aka B-Love, Martin Tshibwabwa aka Relfection and Blaise Tshibwabwa aka Glow. The name Smooth Vibe came to them as they use smooth vibes when they talk and write, therefore could not help to let it pass… As we all know, someone needs to be inspired to write, and when readers finish reading a poem the same questino they always ask - Was it something you went through? Are you going through this now? Glow believes in letting his imaginatino travel, and hence letting his pen surf on a paper…Poetry begins in delight and ends in wisdom…

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